What’s Going On?

I sometimes feel I live in a parallel universe,  one where the simple virtues of integrity, honesty and commonsense have been replaced by lies, deceit and fear. It’s not at all pleasant, but I’m sure you must feel the same way, at least to some extent?

What makes me say this? Well first of all, any adherence to moral and ethical principles we once saw in the political classes have been overcome with a desire to protect ‘the party’ and ‘the person’ at all cost. If this means lying, then so be it. We see this almost every day in our newspapers, on the TV news channels, and many of our elected MPs are so skilled at it, it’s become an art form! 

The way millions of ‘normal’ folk, or the ‘electorate’ as we’re known are viewed by both elected and unelected officials and the seriously wealthy beggars belief. It’s clear they, the group usually called The Remain camp believe we were wrong to vote in a way they didn’t want us to. Now they are happy to deceive and lie in their attempts to thwart democracy. They say The Referendum vote was advisory, but it was nothing of the sort. ‘Call me Dave’ stated quite clearly that it was our decision and the government will implement what we decide. He was so confident, even arrogant, that he even printed this on the leaflet he spent millions of pounds of tax payers’ money on telling us all how we were to vote. How dare we then not do as we were told. Cameron and Osborne said at the time, that a vote to leave the EU was a vote to leave the single market. They linked it and for weeks on end, The Remain camp used this and many more lies in their attempts to bully us to vote the way they wanted. This rather uncomfortable truth clearly flies in the face of the LibDem leader, Tim Farron, who is now saying we didn’t know what we were voting for. We did! And what is more, Farron and all the rest of illiberal liberals know full well we all knew what we were voting for. The problem seems to be, he and the rest of the Remain camp are unable to accept democracy due to what can only be described as their arrogance and belief that they know best in all things.

The next issue, is fear.  There is much going on in the world, no surprises there. However, many of the shocking events carried out are never reported honestly and truthfully. Quite often we’re never even told of an event, but if we are, then we’re never told who carried it out, which group or organisation they belong to or anything else. The reporters are afraid of the PC brigade, or being labelled and once again, we see the liberal minded brigade happy to cover up or distort the truth. This will inevitably come back to bite them on the arse, but by then, it will be too late for all of us.