Brexit – Are we there yet?

Well, January 31st, 2020 at 23:00 hrs was the magic date and time. It came and went and to be honest, it felt a bit of a let down. Indeed, I was minded of Meatloaf’s ‘all dressed up and no where to go.’ Therein lies the problem for me, we can’t go yet, we’re still involved with the EU. That’s the unelected, undemocratic and unwanted EU to you.

Apparently, we’ll be well and truly out after December 31st 2020. Why the wait I say, why not simply wish the EU all the best, say, “Au-revoir” and leave lock, stock and barrel? Why? Because we’re British and that means ‘mugs.’ Oh yes, of the highest order too!

Over the years I’ve left a number of clubs I’d been a member of. Sometimes it was necessary because I’d moved away, other times because I no longer wanted to be a member. However, on each and every occasion I gave the requisite notice, served it then left. I didn’t pay a penny more having left, I didn’t have remaining club members telling me how to live my life, demanding money or the right to take what they wanted from my belongings, so why then, do we permit it with the EU? Have we not paid our way over the years? Have we not been more than fair with them? Have we not allowed them to decimate our fishing, ruin our industrial manufacturing base, traduce workers’ rights, delete our pensions and so much more? We have. Why? Because we’re British or, as I think of us, mugs!

Well, we’re out, we’d better not be shafted now or they’ll be trouble.


Brexit – Is it me?

What is it about Brexit? We had the referendum, the leave vote won by more than 1.4 million votes. One might have assumed that would be it. Job done. Out we go. Alas no.

What we have seen in the British Parliament over the last three years is the absolute failure of a parliament that prides itself on being democratic failing to uphold the promises made prior to the Referendum. To be clear, let me show you Brexit in figures:

By votes: 17.4 million voted to leave, 16.1 voted to remain

By Constituency: 406 voted to leave, 241 voted to remain

By Region: 9 voted to leave, 3 voted to remain

By MPs: 160 voted to leave, 486 voted to remain

It should be noted, that ordinarily we have a variant of ‘Representative Democracy’ where MPs are asked to make decisions on our behalf. The Referendum was an example of Direct Democracy, where the electorate are asked to make a decision and parliament will implement it. This is what we promised.

It’s shabby, poor and shows the most duplicitous nature of the majority of MPs. I am so looking forward to being a part of the country that changes democracy forever. It’s coming!

Demeaning Designation

From 2003 until late 2016 I worked in a University. Initially my work was enjoyable and I, along with the majority of my colleagues, felt valued by the organisation. Any employment related issues I may have had, were dealt with professionally and courteously by the Personnel Department (PD) and whilst not perfect,  employees working in the PD treated staff with dignity and understanding.

Unfortunately, that all changed when the Personnel Department changed its name to the ‘Human Resources’ Department and in so doing, got rid of the incumbent personnel director. Overnight, staff went from being valuable members of the university to nothing more than walking, talking disposable objects that could be used and abused at whim. Permanent contracts were no more, being replaced for a considerable number of staff with ‘Zero-Hour’ or, as the University preferred, ‘flexible working’ contracts. Flexible working contracts, just another name for the same, demeaning  form of employment where staff have very few rights and considerable responsibilities.

Since that time, I have undertaken a further course of study to become a secondary school teacher. However, rather than submit to all the superfluous nonsense that prevails in many walks of life, I have chosen to do ‘supply work’. This means I go into a school, teach and then leave. Yes, you could say there’s no commitment, but you would be wrong. I think most teachers teach to make a difference to the lives of the young people temporarily in their charge. I do.

The initial price one pays doing supply, is one where the pupils think they can run rings around you. This is easily overcome and  having done so, the real teaching can begin. I find it extremely rewarding (and I don’t mean financially!).

What’s Going On?

I sometimes feel I live in a parallel universe,  one where the simple virtues of integrity, honesty and commonsense have been replaced by lies, deceit and fear. It’s not at all pleasant, but I’m sure you must feel the same way, at least to some extent?

What makes me say this? Well first of all, any adherence to moral and ethical principles we once saw in the political classes have been overcome with a desire to protect ‘the party’ and ‘the person’ at all cost. If this means lying, then so be it. We see this almost every day in our newspapers, on the TV news channels, and many of our elected MPs are so skilled at it, it’s become an art form! 

The way millions of ‘normal’ folk, or the ‘electorate’ as we’re known are viewed by both elected and unelected officials and the seriously wealthy beggars belief. It’s clear they, the group usually called The Remain camp believe we were wrong to vote in a way they didn’t want us to. Now they are happy to deceive and lie in their attempts to thwart democracy. They say The Referendum vote was advisory, but it was nothing of the sort. ‘Call me Dave’ stated quite clearly that it was our decision and the government will implement what we decide. He was so confident, even arrogant, that he even printed this on the leaflet he spent millions of pounds of tax payers’ money on telling us all how we were to vote. How dare we then not do as we were told. Cameron and Osborne said at the time, that a vote to leave the EU was a vote to leave the single market. They linked it and for weeks on end, The Remain camp used this and many more lies in their attempts to bully us to vote the way they wanted. This rather uncomfortable truth clearly flies in the face of the LibDem leader, Tim Farron, who is now saying we didn’t know what we were voting for. We did! And what is more, Farron and all the rest of illiberal liberals know full well we all knew what we were voting for. The problem seems to be, he and the rest of the Remain camp are unable to accept democracy due to what can only be described as their arrogance and belief that they know best in all things.

The next issue, is fear.  There is much going on in the world, no surprises there. However, many of the shocking events carried out are never reported honestly and truthfully. Quite often we’re never even told of an event, but if we are, then we’re never told who carried it out, which group or organisation they belong to or anything else. The reporters are afraid of the PC brigade, or being labelled and once again, we see the liberal minded brigade happy to cover up or distort the truth. This will inevitably come back to bite them on the arse, but by then, it will be too late for all of us.

Leaving the EU

I appreciate there are millions of people in the UK who voted to remain in the EU, but the fact of the matter is, there were more wanting to leave. So, why on earth are we still in?

It seems to me, that the ‘Liberals’ amongst us are only liberal if events go their way, otherwise they are the most ‘illiberal’ bunch imaginable! I once read a statement that for me, hits the nail on the head. Here, let me share it with you:
“The cleverest totalitarian system is one where the citizens
do not realise they live under a dictatorship.”
Now then, tell me that doesn’t describe the EU to a ‘T,’ go on, I challenge you. You can’t.

Why is it then, that people who are otherwise sane and have a modicum of intelligence, wish to dive ever deeper into the pit of corruption that is the EU? Oh I know why the likes of Nick Clegg or a great many members of the House of Lords want to remain in, they already gain financially from the largess of the EU, or will do, but what about our MPs’ and the millions of members of the public? I simply can’t fathom it.

I’m not going to be rude about such people, I can only assume the majority haven’t done much reading around the EU, had they done so they would surely reach the same conclusion as myself and millions of others. It should be immaterial now, but I don’t trust many in the House of Commons, they have shown time and time again they are not to be trusted and now is not the time to start doing so!

A Few More Months

Well, here we are nearly three months since the EU Referendum and absolutely nothing has happened. There’s been a great deal of talk, but we’re still paying in, still doing as we’re told by those unelected fools and the sore losers are kicking off every other day!

It’s called ‘democracy’ and I do wish all those still whinging about the outcome would get over themselves, get a grip and see the EU for what it really is, a bloody big con!


Leaving the EU

We all know there was a great deal of absolute tosh spoken and printed prior to the EU Referendum held last week. By far and away the majority of it came from the ‘Remain’ camp as they were, and are, called.

As is sadly typical now days, there is a belief that if you shout and make a fuss for long enough you’ll get your way. This is currently being evidenced by a considerable number of those from the remain side who have proven themselves to be nothing but sore losers. Clearly to them, democracy is a word they like to use when all is well in their world, but can be ignored if events don’t unfold in their favour.

What makes this whole episode worse, is the number of MPs, of all persuasions, who seem to think we should have a second referendum because we got it wrong the first time round. Yet there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that were the shoe on the other foot, these same MPs would be advising in no uncertain terms that the process is called democracy and there’s no second go.

Their behaviour certainly doesn’t set a good example to the young, it’s neither polite nor decorous and should, quite simply, have been left in the playground yard when they left primary school!





Hey, you’re meant to be apolitical

Whilst anyone can express their own personal view on the big issues, when they’re the big cheese at the Bank of England, then it’s beholden of them to keep their own views to themselves and not come out in favour of one camp or the other! Take heed Mr Carney!

Tuesday 8th March, 2016


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