Brexit – Is it me?

What is it about Brexit? We had the referendum, the leave vote won by more than 1.4 million votes. One might have assumed that would be it. Job done. Out we go. Alas no.

What we have seen in the British Parliament over the last three years is the absolute failure of a parliament that prides itself on being democratic failing to uphold the promises made prior to the Referendum. To be clear, let me show you Brexit in figures:

By votes: 17.4 million voted to leave, 16.1 voted to remain

By Constituency: 406 voted to leave, 241 voted to remain

By Region: 9 voted to leave, 3 voted to remain

By MPs: 160 voted to leave, 486 voted to remain

It should be noted, that ordinarily we have a variant of ‘Representative Democracy’ where MPs are asked to make decisions on our behalf. The Referendum was an example of Direct Democracy, where the electorate are asked to make a decision and parliament will implement it. This is what we promised.

It’s shabby, poor and shows the most duplicitous nature of the majority of MPs. I am so looking forward to being a part of the country that changes democracy forever. It’s coming!