Brexit – Are we there yet?

Well, January 31st, 2020 at 23:00 hrs was the magic date and time. It came and went and to be honest, it felt a bit of a let down. Indeed, I was minded of Meatloaf’s ‘all dressed up and no where to go.’ Therein lies the problem for me, we can’t go yet, we’re still involved with the EU. That’s the unelected, undemocratic and unwanted EU to you.

Apparently, we’ll be well and truly out after December 31st 2020. Why the wait I say, why not simply wish the EU all the best, say, “Au-revoir” and leave lock, stock and barrel? Why? Because we’re British and that means ‘mugs.’ Oh yes, of the highest order too!

Over the years I’ve left a number of clubs I’d been a member of. Sometimes it was necessary because I’d moved away, other times because I no longer wanted to be a member. However, on each and every occasion I gave the requisite notice, served it then left. I didn’t pay a penny more having left, I didn’t have remaining club members telling me how to live my life, demanding money or the right to take what they wanted from my belongings, so why then, do we permit it with the EU? Have we not paid our way over the years? Have we not been more than fair with them? Have we not allowed them to decimate our fishing, ruin our industrial manufacturing base, traduce workers’ rights, delete our pensions and so much more? We have. Why? Because we’re British or, as I think of us, mugs!

Well, we’re out, we’d better not be shafted now or they’ll be trouble.