Leaving the EU

We all know there was a great deal of absolute tosh spoken and printed prior to the EU Referendum held last week. By far and away the majority of it came from the ‘Remain’ camp as they were, and are, called.

As is sadly typical now days, there is a belief that if you shout and make a fuss for long enough you’ll get your way. This is currently being evidenced by a considerable number of those from the remain side who have proven themselves to be nothing but sore losers. Clearly to them, democracy is a word they like to use when all is well in their world, but can be ignored if events don’t unfold in their favour.

What makes this whole episode worse, is the number of MPs, of all persuasions, who seem to think we should have a second referendum because we got it wrong the first time round. Yet there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that were the shoe on the other foot, these same MPs would be advising in no uncertain terms that the process is called democracy and there’s no second go.

Their behaviour certainly¬†doesn’t set a good example to the young, it’s neither polite nor decorous and should, quite simply, have been left in the playground yard when they left primary school!